Research & Development

Research and development is a key part of organizational innovation and improvement. Regardless of the field of activity of any organization, in the research and development department the difficult and often costly process of producing a new product is started according to the market needs. Investment in the research and development sector is long-term and sometimes associated with high risk, but at the same time is the main foundation of progress, development and innovation. Zardband Pharmaceuticals, as a knowledge-based company, by understanding the importance of research and development, from the beginning and with the presence of professor Reza Omidbaigi, as the only specialist in the field of production and processing of medicinal plants in the country, has considered the research and development department as one of the most important sector for its continuous development and innovation.

Achieving the formulation of new herbal medicines and new methods of analysis in line with the goals of Zardband to achieve diverse and high quality products is one of the main activities of the research and development department which is done using experienced experts in the fields of pharmacognosy, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, phytochemistry, chemistry, as well as using advanced laboratories and equipment. This department, with the cooperation and advice of prominent professors in prestigious domestic and foreign universities and uses of latest scientific findings, tries to utilize the latest technologies in the pharmaceutical and herbal industry, optimization of extraction methods to maintain the highest effective of active substances, optimization factors affecting production and removing barriers and problems of the production line. The achievements of the research and development department of Zardband are the result of the mentioned goals and methods.

Technical knowledge transfer

Utilizing the existing expertise and knowledge, has given a special ability to formulate new herbal medicines and produce the technical knowledge to the research and development department of Zardband. Therefore, one of the first production of this department was the formulation of the first cold herbal syrup, which was produced in 1994 by the order of Mina Pharmaceutical Laboratory under the brand name of “Thymian Syrup” and is still one of the best-selling herbal syrups in the country.

In 1995, the formulation of herbal sedative syrup was made for the same laboratory and was marketed under the brand name of “Valeric Syrup”. In this regard, in 2005, the technical knowledge and formulation of “Marintol” analgesic ointment and “Kamoderma” burn cream were transferred to Razak laboratories, and cooperation in the formulation of “Galga tablets” to reduce and control blood sugar with Dineh Iran Industries Complex was carried out.

Pioneer in producing new types of herbal extracts

Understanding the market needs in 1995, the production of glycolic and oily extracts of medicinal plants have been done in this department for the first time in the country. Before that, the extracts produced in the country were mostly ethanolic or aqueous, but with the production of glycolic and oily extracts, medicinal plant products are more easily used in the formulation of some products such as shampoos, soaps, creams and lotions, which is a very effective measure for the use of these products in the country’s cosmetics and hygiene industries.

Innovation in the production of water-soluble essential oils

In 2005, the research and development department of Zardband, by achieving its unique formulation, succeeded in producing water-soluble natural essential oils for the first time in the world, to use as a flavoring and preservative in a variety of beverages, including Doogh (persian yoghurt drink), and until now Zardband is the only producer of natural water-soluble essential oils. In addition to meet the needs of the dairy and meat industries in the use of natural flavorings, these essential oils have been marketed in the form of edible drops in the product portfolio of Zardband since 2009 under the brand name of TS so that all people of the country can use these natural flavors for their daily use.

Production of veterinary herbal medicines and achieving FAO certificate and medal

Since 2006, the production of herbal medicines for livestock and poultry industry has been on the agenda of the company’s research and development department which resulted in the production of 7 products for livestock, poultry and fishery industries with the name of Anzofin, Antibiofin, Broncofin, Immunofin, Bioherbal for poultry, Varosid for hive and PI222 for fishery industries, whose technical knowledge and formulation were then transferred to Pars Imen Daroo Company. The formulation of these drugs won the Special Medal of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 2009 by the director of research and development department of Zardband and won the third place in the development research of the 22nd International Kharazmi Festival in February 2008.

Production of herbal medicines

The close cooperation of the research and development department and the agricultural department in the company has brought special advantages for Zardband. Performing a complex process of producing herbal medicines from medicinal plants with the best quality has been the result of this cooperation. Relying on this advantage, Zardband pharmaceuticals, which was the producer of natural raw materials for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverages industries until 2009, started to supply herbal medicines from its research and export some of these products to Malaysia with the brand name of “My Village” and to Switzerland with the brand name of “Golisan”.

Ongoing plans

The passing away of Professor Reza Omidbaigi in 2010 was a great loss for the scientific community and the research and development department of Zardband, but the worthy and loyal students of that master were determined in their continuation and strengthening of the research and development department of the company. Today, the scientific team of this department with the director of Ms. Hamideh Tabeshfar, in addition to presenting new products, including about 70 types of extracts and essential oils and 50 types of herbal medicines, are carrying out prominent projects such as using medicinal plants in functional foods, identifying and extracting valuable natural molecules from medicinal plants for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygiene industries, as well as expanding their cooperation with reputable international research centers. Production of Saffron extract with the highest quality has been the result of this international cooperation. Relying on the efforts and expertise of these researchers, Zardband can play its leading role in advancing the knowledge of herbal medicines, creating added value in the formulation of herbal medicines and promoting community health in the best way.