Zardband Pharmaceuticals derives its name from its humble beginnings in 1993, in the serene surroundings of Zardband village, nestled in the northern reaches of Tehran. “Zardband” resonates with the pristine, natural beauty that inspired our journey.

Benefiting from the potential of our motherland Iran, and managing the whole range of activities, from farming to formulations, just after ten years, Zardband was a well-known producer of herbal medicine and natural raw materials in the market.

Matured in its third decade, Zardband founded two companies and delegated some of its specific activities to each of them as the parent company. Zardband Agro-industrial Company was founded to focus on the farming activities, while running research and development projects was delegated to Zardband Accelerator Company.

With each of its three main brands, now in the market, Zardband is also reaching a wider range of customers both among people and industries.

Zardband Raw is the brand representing the raw material produced to meet the needs of various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverages.

Zardband Herbal is the brand representing Zardband herbal medicines, mainly including herbal extracts, elixirs, syrups, and oils, for those who are looking for effective natural remedies.

Phytomed is the latest brand of Zardband on the market. Phytomed represents a new generation of natural pharmaceuticals that is particularly developed for ease of use, precise dosage, and more effectiveness. Just after its first year on the market, Phytomed has been loved by a large part of its target audience, including physicians, patients, and all those who favor a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrating 35 years of innovation and excellence,

and inspired by nature,

Zardband is still going on its journey

to explore new horizons and offer the best.